About Us

Facts About Hopewell-Prince George Crime Solvers

Hopewell-Prince George Crime Solvers, Inc. is a community involvement program, created to help stop crime in its tracks.

The Crime Solvers program helps gather clues that law enforcement agencies need to solve crimes.

Every week, facts about various crimes are publicized on radio, TV, and newspapers, with a request that anyone who has information about those crimes call one of the special Crime Solvers numbers.

All tips are anonymous (we do not have “caller id”) and cash rewards are paid (up to $1,000) for clues that are vital in the successful solution of a crime.

Crime Solvers is NOT funded by your tax dollars. We depend on donations from private citizens, corporations, civic and social groups, and professional association.

Crime Solvers Member List


  • Bunn Armstrong
  • Christy Blankenship
  • Leah Brantley
  • Josh Chappell
  • Forrest Cleveland
  • Brian Coey
  • Rev. Roger Dean
  • Linda Forehand
  • Henry Harrison
  • Keith Hedgepeth
  • Linda Hyslop
  • Ligon Jones
  • John Kines
  • Bob Moore
  • Fred Morene
  • Paige Owen
  • Roland Peacock
  • Debbie Pershing
  • Randy Sealey
  • Dr. Murray Trelford
  • Don Vtipil Jr.
  • Adrienne Wallace
  • Tony Wesson
  • Jerry Williams
  • Chief Ed Frankenstein
  • Chief John Keohane
  • Sheriff Bucky Allin
  • Sheriff Luther Sodat
  • Lt. Paul Burroughs
  • Officer Lawrence Costello
  • Captain Steve Kephart
  • Officer Jim Morrison



  • Captain Mark Payne
  • Officer J.E. Butch Pearson
  • Officer Robert Stamper
  • Lt. Damon Stoker
  • Dr. Bobby Browder
  • Allen Johnson
  • Tommy Pond